Amethyst Crystals and Healing

Amethyst are known to be a natural tranquilizer, it relieves stress, soothes irritability, and balances mood swings, calms anger, rage, fear and anxiety. It also brightens up your mood if you are experiencing sadness and grief, and removes negativity. Amethyst increases spiritual awareness, helps improve intuition and improve psychic abilities.

Amethyst comes in various shades of purple and is considered a quartz crystal. Amethyst crystals have spiritual qualities and can be used to help tap into higher levels of consciousness. Amethyst can be found in Siberia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Brazil, and the United States. Lavender quartz is known for awakening the soul, helping people realize their purpose and manifest and achieve their ambitions and goals.

Crystals are believed to have healing properties. Amethyst is believed to help purify the mind, reduce anxiety and stress. Many people us amethyst in meditation. Healers believe that sitting with the healing crystal in a calm room can aid them in relaxation and intuition.


Remedy Benefits of Amethyst

There are many benefits using amethyst:

Brings peace: Create a more peaceful environment by placing an amethyst, or multiple amethysts, in your home or office to invite a more peaceful environment. It doesn’t matter the size, you can place small and large crystals to create a peaceful environment. Incense and sage also clears the negative energy in a room.


Protects against psychic attack: Wear or carry a crystal somewhere on you to guard against spiritual attacks. Necklaces and earrings are popular options, you can also make you a mojo bag with other items and carry it with you.


Provides spiritual insight: Wearing an amethyst near your crown chakra (top of the head) to promote insight. One way to do this is by having an amethyst on a hairpin.

Promotes restful sleep: Place an amethyst near your bed or under your pillow to improve the quality of sleep.

Assists with meditation and visualization: Use an amethyst in a quiet room or space with soft lighting before beginning meditation or visualization.


How to Use Amethyst for Healing

Amethyst can be used for spirituality, psychic awareness, lucid dreaming, and more.

Spirituality and Calming: Some people use amethyst for Spiritual practices. It is known to help bring peace and calmness. It helps people work with more ease and focus, without rushing, In result more successful work. Creative people can benefit from amethyst crystals because it helps them to remain calm, focused, and inspired to create new ideas that may arise during the course of their work. It is also used to reduce nervousness.

Psychic Awareness: Amethyst is a powerful crystal used for healing. It also helps ward off nightmares. Amethyst helps increase intuition and inspiration, gives you clarity, and is an great for meditation and relaxation. It also helps uplifts the spirit, bringing happiness and positive vibes to those in its presence.

Lucid Dreaming: Amethyst can be used to improve lucid dreaming, Lucid dreaming is when the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming and can manipulate the content of their dream if possible. Holding the stone during meditation, may help open up energy channels and better communicate with their spirit guides. Sleeping with an amethyst inside a pillowcase is believed to promote lucid dreaming and astral flight.

Make sure you charge your crystals to promote the energy the crystals hold. Find out how to charge, cleanse and care for you crystals here: Charge. Clean, Care for your crystals.

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